Repair / Service

We now offer a Three Day Turn Around* on most Repairs and Tune Ups

    We offer:
    • Tune Ups
    • Flat tire fix
    • Frame Repair
    • Single Speed Conversions Frame and fork realignment
    • Bike Assembly
    • Bike boxing for shipping
    • Tube Replacement
    • Brooks Saddle repair
    • Drop Out Replacement

    Please visit our Service Pricing Page for a comprehensive list of bicycle shop repair services.

    Please visit our Frame Repair and Modification Page for a comprehensive list of frame repair services.

    *Our Three Day Guarantee:

    Waiting weeks for your bicycle to be serviced can be very frustrating, and keep you from enjoying your bicycle to it's fullest.  So any bicycle brought in for a general service that does not need parts ordered to complete the repair will be finished before the close of business three (3) business days after the day it was checked in.  (i.e. a bicycle dropped off for service on Monday will be ready for Pick up before close of Business Thursday.)  Unfortunately we just can't promise that any bicycles needing parts ordered - regardless of the service being provided - be covered under this guarantee due to shipping.  The completion times of overhauls, extensive or major repairs, frame repairs, and repairs requiring special order parts will be considered at the time of check in.