About Us

  Firth & Wilson Transport Cycles is a full-service bicycle shop and retail showroom specializing in transportation and cargo bicycles. Now located at 1105 Frankford Avenue in Fishtown, the shop caters exclusively to the urban cyclist with a full range of bike accessories and bicycles from Breezer, Brompton, Linus, Pashley, Pure Fix, Pure City,  Simcoe, SE,  Xtracycle, Yuba, Babboe, Gazelle, Nihola, & Larry Vs. Harry.  The option of a custom fabricated bicycle is also on offer, designed by the shop's owners under the labels David Wilson Industries (DWI) custom cargo bikes and Hanford Cycles custom frames.




David Wilson  I have been riding a bike for about as long as I could stand. My Schwinn Stingray was an eye opener to the freedom and adventure that a bicycle could deliver, even at 6 years old. My first bike shop job was in 1987, working summers while going to college. Over the years I have worked and ridden in 7 different states; both in cities and in the mountains; as well as 1 ½ blissful years in the Netherlands. In 1998 I moved to Seattle and apprenticed in a frame shop which I eventually took over as lead builder, and later went on to start my own frame shop with an interest in cargo bikes. I have also worked in the distribution side of the industry with Seattle Bike Supply where I was the warranty/customer service department. Later my wife and I moved to the Netherlands where I worked for 2 different transport bike shops as well as 1 day a week in a frame shop. Finally I arrived in Philly, and hatched a plan with Simon, whom I had met probably 15 years ago at an industry trade show, to start our own cargo/city bike shop to capitalize on the growing wave of these bikes in the US.


Simon Firth  My first bicycle related job was at age fourteen delivering groceries on an over sized "butcher's bike" to the good people of Hanford, Stoke-on-Trent. This gave me an introduction to the utility of the bicycle. After a few years of motorcycle madness I returned to bicycles in the 1980s as a messenger in London. The experience of cycling in the city and being a part of the messenger community reintroduced me to the utility and practicality of the bicycle. In the following years I traveled the world using the bicycle as my passport. I ended up in Philadelphia in 1995 and started working in the bicycle business as a mechanic before a fourteen year odyssey with Bilenky Cycle Works as a frame builder. It was 2012 that David and I decided it was time to put our years of experience to proper use and open a transport cycle shop. My proudest cycling achievements are riding across the US in 1996 and finishing the epic Paris Brest Paris in 2003.


Victoria Firth  I've been in bicycle sales since 2011 but most of my experience and knowledge comes from just being a cyclist. I pretty much ride only one bike. It's an upright, step-through with an 8 speed internally geared hub kitted out with front rack, Carradice saddle bag, dyno hub, and Danish brass bell...a city commuter's dream! I love it (and not just 'cause my husband custom built it for me) but because it's so functional and easy to ride.


Dan Murphy  I grew up in the Philadelphia area skateboarding and riding bmx and freestyle bikes. I got a car at 17, but after seeing 2 guys flying toward center city on mountain bikes, looking totally free from everything, I decided to sell my car at 18, and I haven’t had one since (full disclosure, my wife has a car, and I do drive it). I would fantasize about being a bike messenger while walking around center city with my girlfriend after high school, and after graduating, I got a job with Diamond Couriers. I fell in love with the lifestyle and culture and began making moves to organize and establish the messenger scene here in Philly. After a trip to a messenger race in Boston in 1997, I decided to organize Philly’s first messenger race, Rocky. The race is still held today. I began racing at Trexlertown velodrome with a crew of other messengers, and participating in many other messenger races around the country and world, including the Messenger World Championships in Barcelona in 1997. I messengered until 2000 including a short stint at Creative Couriers in London. I also worked as an instructor at Neighborhood Bike Works in West Philadelphia, collaborated with Cinelli as an artist, self published zines about cycling, raced mountain and cross bikes, toured by bicycle with my wife, including a ride to Maine from Philadelphia, ran a world famous bicycle website, and apprenticed at Bilenky’s framebuilding shop. I have traveled and cycled in many cities around the world, including Amsterdam, Paris, San Francisco, Copenhagen, New York, and Tokyo. I currently commute to Center City Philadelphia from Germantown, ride my daughter to school on a bike, and ride mountain bikes whenever possible….. I am absolutely honored to be continuing my love for cycling with this great and knowledgeable group here at Transport Cycles.