Ways to Keep Warm This Winter December 11 2015

1. Sit a little closer to the fire  2. Wear a Snuggie 3. Shot of whiskey 4. Perpetual bear hug. Those certainly are four ways to keep warm but not so practical when you're on your bike. For those really cold, windy days Smartwool's NTS (that stands for Next-To-Skin) Mid 250 Balaclava will keep your face from freezing off. For well above 32 degrees F but still a chill in the air try a Smartwool NTS Micro 150 Neck Gaiter. It's 100% Merino wool and versatile; you can stretch it up over your head or over your mouth should the temperature take a sudden dip (we also have it in a pale grey stripe, not pictured.) Don't need full coverage? Keep ears protected with the Smartwool NTS Mid 250 Reversible Headband. And for keeping fingers from going numb we like Craft Sportswear's Hybrid Weather Glove. It's a full finger glove with a little pocket that stashes a wind blocking cover when needed. Plus it's extra grippy so that shot glass won't fall through your fingers.

Winter is Coming (Eventually.....Right?) September 16 2015

With all this gorgeous pre-autumn weather it's hard to think about what's in store later. Maybe it won't be as bad as this but why not get your bike ready for the worst. Winterize your bike with a tune up. In addition to the usual maintenance we'll make sure your tires are up to snuff. If you need new ones, we got 'em. We have a large assortment from Continental and Schwalbe. We'll make sure your lights are working properly too. Don't have lights? We've got those as well like Fortified guaranteed theft proof light sets, Blaze laserlights, and various options from Cateye. Or maybe consider upgrading to generator lights so you never have to worry about batteries or theft. And be sure to pick up a bottle of Triflow because your chain will need a little extra attention with all the salt and snow.