Carradice Canvas Bicycle Saddlebags Restocked December 01 2016

bicycle saddle bags

We've finally gotten in some of the more popular Carradice bags and rain capes (just in time for you know what?!) Handmade in a small factory in Lancashire, England, Carradice bags haven't changed much since the 1930s when they were born. As the saying goes, don't fix what isn't broken. And if one does "break" (like a strap or a snap) you can send it back to the factory for repair. In addition to best sellers like the Nelson Long Flap and Barley, we've brought in the more minimal Junior and it's slightly larger cousin Cadet. Stay dry in the Philly winter drizzle with their traditional wax canvas rain cape in standard size or super. Looks nice tucked into their classic cape roll. Want a small bag with a bit more panache? We have one zip roll with Harris Tweed left in stock. All are waterproof.


Hit the Trail with Ortlieb Bike Packing Gear November 18 2016

Bike Packing Gear

We've restocked some of our favorite Ortlieb bicycle bags like the Front Roller, Back Roller, and Ultimate 6, plus added a few new items like these three bike packing bags. The Handlebar Pack is great for stashing a sleeping bag and clothing. It works with many styles of handlebars, allows for even weight distribution, and has an elastic net to hold extra stuff. The Accessory Pack can be attached to the Handlebar Pack, used alone attached to your handlebar, or worn as a hip pack . This multi-functional bag is great for the little things that you need to get to quickly. Add a Seat Pack to your seat post for everything else. Packing volume varies between 8 and 16.5 liters so you can carry a little or a lot. And of course everything will stay dry in any of these bags because of Ortlieb's "exclusive welded construction and innovative compression system". Stop in the shop to see how they work and check out some more new items.