A Cargo Bike Manufactured in Fishtown USA May 05 2016

small cargo bike frame unfinished

Fishtown used to be a center of manufacturing in Philadelphia in the 19th and early 20th centuries but that pretty much went away when factories moved to the suburbs and beyond. After moving into a former elevator factory we knew the space would be ideal to fabricate our signature short wheel base cargo bike. That's the start of it above. It doesn't have a name yet and we don't know the price yet but we do know it'll be awesome and extremely useful. It's based on a custom bike that David designed and built a few years back. The long horizontal center tube not only looks neat but will support the front and rear cargo racks and add a bit of strength to the frame. It'll have 20" wheels front and rear that will allow for a lower center of gravity and make hauling home a few cases of beer, and maybe other stuff, a breeze. It'll come in two size options but only one color. Which leads us to our biggest dilemma; what color should we paint the bike? Any ideas?

The Wald 1372 Basket: Sublime Utility January 17 2016

We've read somewhere that the paper clip is one of the most important inventions ever. And how could it not be? Wire bent into a useful shape that makes our lives easier. Simple and elegant. Sublime utility. The Wald 1372 basket is like that paper clip. Wald Sports has been in business since 1904. While they started making bicycle tire tube repair kits, it wasn't long before they realized the usefulness of a bike basket. We agree, of course. Carrying stuff on your bike is far better than on your back. And far safer than slinging a bag over your handlebar. They make wire baskets for the front and rear of bikes, in different shapes and sizes but our favorite is the 1372. It's not huge, it measures 15" by 10" and 5" deep. Don't underestimate the power of the small basket. They handle better than big ones that can be unwieldy, especially fully loaded. Combine it with a bungee cord (another great invention) or cargo net and you can carry a lot of gear without worrying about things bouncing out. There are oodles of bags and liners on the market made especially to fit the 1372. Wald make their own but you can buy handmade versions from local Philly craftswomen like Fabric Horse. The struts that mount to the axles give it extra support compared to a lift-off basket that hangs on the handlebar alone. Smaller bike frames won't accommodate a larger or deeper basket but the 1372 fits on just about any size bike with straight or upright bars. Made of steel it comes in a zinc finish (like the paper clip) or gloss black. As for the price? It's $25, probably the least expensive bike basket on the market considering it's craftmanship. And it's made in America. In Maysville, Kentucky to be exact. So when you're considering adding a basket to your bike (and you should) don't overlook the Wald 1372. Always in stock.

Featured Product of the Week: Racktime Boxit February 20 2015

Most folks have heard of Ortlieb, the German manufacturer of great waterproof panniers and bags. Well let us introduce you to their sibling, Racktime. Like Ortlieb, Racktime makes bags and panniers but also baskets and containers, like the Boxit pictured, that fit onto their proprietary front and rear racks with their Snapit System. This means the rack and container work like one to fully support the load you're carrying. The Boxit is a two in one container: load your gear in the rigid plastic tray and place securely in the tubular frame or don't use the tray. Your choice. We like the way the Boxit looks and we like that it has a load capacity of up to 50lbs. Comes in two size options: large (approximately 21" x 14" x 6") and small (approximately 18" x 12" x 6".)

Xtracycle is Having a Super Sweet Sale! December 09 2014

During the month of December, Xtracycle is celebrating the spirit of giving with some free gifts for you. When you purchase a 16.5" (S/M) EdgeRunner 24D at the regular price, they will kick in a bunch of accessories worth $225. There are three options available: With option 1. you get a Yepp Maxi child seat and Superhooks that allow you to carry one child and your gear. Option 2. gets you a Sidecar, Sidecar Deck, and Cinch Straps that will turn your EdgeRunner into an oversize cargo carrying machine! And with option 3. you'll get X2 Bag upgrade and a Fender Set that still allows you to transport up to three kids. Remember this offer is only good for the purchase of a 16.5" 24D EdgeRunner and expires on 12/19/2014. We advise you to act fast because when the bikes and gear are gone, they're gone. We have a few EdgeRunners in stock ready for sale or test rides, Tuesday through Saturday.

Yuba Boda Boda & Mundo Join Our Cargo Bike Corral July 10 2014

Just in to the shop this fun Yuba Boda Boda along with it's bigger pal, the Mundo. The user-friendly compact 8 speed Boda Boda step-thru fits just about any rider from 4'9" to 5'10". The basic model available in lime or white costs just $999 making it an affordable cargo option. It can accommodate add ons like the bag and seat cushion pictured as well as a child seat or hefty front basket. The longer wheel based Mundo starts at $1299. It has 21 speeds and longer rear rack to carry more stuff. With it's sloping top tube it fits riders from 5' to 6'5" and with add ons like a runner board & straps you can securely haul over sized cargo. All accessories for both bikes sold separately.

Ready To Roll April 29 2014

David proudly standing behind a fleet of five cargo bikes destined to Wholefoods stores in the area. The bikes are a mash-up of Torker Graduate Mixties, 20 inch front wheels, and fork/cargo racks from Cyclefab based in Seattle, Washington. The grocery delivery crew are gonna love riding these smooth handlers.

Philadelphia is Catching Cargo Fever March 18 2014

Spring fever isn't the only fever going around. Cargo fever is spreading as well. Our new stock of Xtracycle Edgerunners arrived this morning after selling out last week. We already have one built and ready to go. And that ain't all. We have more cargo bikes: Xtracycle Cargo Joe, Gazelle Cabby, Babboe City, Haley Trikes, and Bullitt. Come in for some test rides.



Rent Me February 04 2014

Last week the box for our Bullitt returned with this fabulous, freshly painted sign by the guys at ICY Signs in Philadelphia. We have a few cargo and city bikes available for rent, by the hour or by the day. Just check under our rental page for pricing or call the shop for more details.

Happy New Year! December 31 2013

2014 is almost upon us and we're looking forward to a great new year. We'd like to thank all of our friends and customers who supported us throughout our first seven months of business. Cheers! (Now stop that strutting and get on your bikes!)


Just in, Philli Tees! December 10 2013

The 2013 Single Speed Cyclocross World Championships are over. If you went, you got to experience all the fun and mayhem. A Bilenky Junkyard Cross your grandkids will be talking about and an epic snow raging race at Belmont Plateau were the major highlights. And if you didn't get one of these fantastic Landlords Cycling designed and printed courtesy of Sterling Couriers tees this weekend now's your chance. We got a few at the shop. $20.

Jingle, Jingle December 05 2013

We have some pretty big bells here at Firth & Wilson. Ring one of these and even a bus will get out of your way. Well, perhaps not a bus but they are loud. If that's too much for you to handle we do have some smaller options that will get you noticed. Prices start at $7 (bells pictured, $16.)