Bikes For A Green Country Town March 10 2017

William Penn envisioned Philadelphia as "the city of brotherly love" and a "green country town." That was in 1682. 335 years later it may be lacking a bit in the love as well as the green. But it's 2017 and there is a big movement towards a greener city, here and around the world. Not just by planting more trees, providing verdant public spaces, and developing urban farms but by cutting down on fossil fuel dependency we can work towards a healthier, green city. By riding a bike you'll help make our city and yourself healthy. That's something to love. As the weather gets nicer people are getting the itch to ride more. Getting your bike up & running is the first step. Bring it in now for a tune-up. Or stop in and try out a new bike. We've just refreshed our stock of Linus Bikes. The Dutchi and Roadster Sport above make a cute couple. Couldn't you just see yourself and a friend riding home on these from Greens Grow with some delicious spring vegetables and fresh flowers? Speaking of flowers the PHS Philadelphia Flower Show opens tomorrow. Always a sign that spring is almost here. This year the show is going Dutch. Expect to see a lot of bicycles nestled amid the flowers and shrubs.


Kick Off to Autumn: September Events August 30 2016

While we hate to say good-bye to summer, we do love when the weather gets cooler. Riding a bike is so much nicer when the air is a little crisper. Now that folks are back from the shore and back to work and school, it's a great time to get your bike in working order or buy a new one. By ditching the car and riding a bike we can cut down on those nasty green house gases that adversely affect our climate. You should check out the Clean Air Council's Greenfest Philly on Sunday, September 11th. We'll be there with some cargo, city, and folding bikes for you to demo so you can get on the green path. Riding a bike is one of the best things you can do for the planet. If your a family of cyclists you can meet up with the Kidical Mass PHL crew & GoPhillyGo for a group ride from Fitler Square to the event at Head House Market. Departure is at 10AM.

For our New York friends, you can find Simon at the bi-annual NY Bike Jumble in Park Slope, Brooklyn on Saturday, September 10th. He'll bring one of his custom frames to show off. If a custom bicycle is an idea you've been bandying about, Simon can build you a beautiful one. His Hanford Cycles have won awards and recognition at the North American Handmade Bicycle Show and Classic Rendevouz. Below is the dog hauling city bike he finished for Mrs. Firth this spring.

custom bicycle

And at the end of the month on Thursday, September 29th the Bicycle Coalition is holding their annual gala and awards dinner. We are all indebted to the work the Bike Coalition does to improve and promote cycling in the Philadelphia. You can buy tickets to the event or donate here.

Bicycle Coalition event



Meanwhile in the Netherlands... March 05 2016

Parent and child riding on bike past flowers

Spring flowers have started popping up in Holland and Dutch people are out riding their bikes enjoying this sensual feast. Here, the Philadelphia Flower Show marks the unofficial beginning of spring. Thousands of people flock to the show because there's nothing like looking at and smelling flowers to put one in a seasonal mood. The actual first day of spring isn't far away though, just another 15 days. Now's a good time to get your bike tuned up or buy a new one so you're ready to go when the warm weather decides to stick around. We carry a large assortment of products to make your bike practical like the one pictured. We have oodles of baskets and panniers (a great way to transport your garden flowers) from Basil, Ortlieb, Wald, and more.  Since you'll want to bring your kid along to help you choose between red tulips or pink hyacinth, we have seats for one year olds on up (like the one pictured above) from Yepp and Bobike. And we get new stuff in all the time.

Bring in Your Beast & We'll Make it a Beauty in Just Three Days February 19 2016


If you find you're not riding your bike because of the cold weather, that's fine, we won't hold it against you. Why not beat the spring rush by bringing it in for a tune up now. For $70 we will lubricate your chain and cables, adjust derailleurs and hubs, adjust brakes and bearings, give your wheels a minor true, and clean the frame and wheel rims. Add another $20 on top of that and we will clean the drive train. Have a single speed? It's just $50 for a tune up. And, in most cases, we'll have it ready for you in 3 days or less! Don't need a full tune up but just a little tweaking here and there? No problem. We offer our service a la carte. And because we are welders and frame builders we can repair that cracked tube or broken dropout on your steel frame. Not every shop can do that. We're also well equipped and experienced in large bike repairs i.e. cargo bikes or unusual bikes (see above) and have overhauled mucho internal hubs. We can pretty much do it all. Now excuse us while we get to work on this monster. We're not afraid. 




Winter is Coming (Eventually.....Right?) September 16 2015

With all this gorgeous pre-autumn weather it's hard to think about what's in store later. Maybe it won't be as bad as this but why not get your bike ready for the worst. Winterize your bike with a tune up. In addition to the usual maintenance we'll make sure your tires are up to snuff. If you need new ones, we got 'em. We have a large assortment from Continental and Schwalbe. We'll make sure your lights are working properly too. Don't have lights? We've got those as well like Fortified guaranteed theft proof light sets, Blaze laserlights, and various options from Cateye. Or maybe consider upgrading to generator lights so you never have to worry about batteries or theft. And be sure to pick up a bottle of Triflow because your chain will need a little extra attention with all the salt and snow.

Bike to Work Day April 28 2015

Don't forget to bring your trusty old bike into our shop for a tune-up in anticipation of this year's Bike To Work day on Friday May 15th. The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia will be hosting all sorts of events to take the party from day into night with energizing stations offering free swag and snacks, community events, and on to a happy hour and awards ceremony at Yards Brewery. Don't have a bike but want to join the fun? We can help you with that. We have new bikes from Pure Fix, Pure City, Dahon, Brooklyn Bicycle Co., Simcoe, Pashley, as well as family and cargo bikes from Gazelle, Xtracycle, and Yuba. And we still have our adult Torker bikes on sale, 25% off the list price. Make sure you register for this event here (to get the giveaways!)