British Bicycle Sale: Brompton and Pashley Bikes Reduced February 01 2017

brompton folding bike model

All our British made bicycles, in stock, are on sale during the month of February. Now's the time to get that Brompton folding bike you've always dreamed of getting, up to 10% off MSRP. We love how well they are made and how smoothly they ride. We really love how compactly they fold. Ok, maybe not as small as the one in the photo above but you can still pick it up with one hand. Because these bikes come in umpteen variations from  different size gearing, handlebar styles, color, and accessories. Come in to test ride to see which one will suit you best.

road touring bike

We've also reduced the price of the two Pashleys in stock, up to 15% off MSRP. The Clubman Country (pictured above) is one of those bikes that can do just about all from traversing city streets to touring and look good while doing it. The bike features all the classic English details like Reynolds 531 Cro-moly tubing, lugged frame, and matching Brooks leather saddle and handlebar tape with updated Campagnolo and Shimano componentry. The versatile Aurora has a mixte frame also made from English company Reynolds 531 tubing. With it's straight bars and 8 speed internal hub you'll ride through city and country in comfort and class.

Both Brompton and Pashley build bikes with longevity that will be loved, with a little care and maintenance (we can take care of that), for years to come.


Don't Be a Loser: Secure Your Saddle and Seatpost with Fortified March 04 2016

Bicycle with saddle and bicycle without saddle

Getting your bike stolen is probably your worst fear as a bicycle owner but getting parts stolen, like your favorite Brooks saddle and seatpost, is no joke. Replacement costs will be in the hundreds of dollars. How do you prevent this from ever happening? One way is with a seat leash but that's gonna clash with your fancy Pashley Clubman Country (and if you own one of these, aesthetics is very important.) What you can do is replace the existing seat clamp bolt with Fortified's Payback Locking Seatpost Bolt. It's the perfect solution for brazed on seat clamps like on the Clubman. Only the special tool that comes with the binder bolt will allow the seat post to be removed. For bike frames with removable clamps the Fortified Payback Locking Seatpost Clamp comes in four different sizes with the same proprietary bolt and tool. Make sure to combine either with a Fortified Payback M8 Saddle Bolt for maximum peace of mind. And for an additional fee Fortified offers a protection plan that if your seat is ever stolen they will replace it. In the end, you can't really lose.

Fortified binder bolt and seatpost clamp


A Jolly Post Bike August 04 2015

red cargo bike

Have you ever fantasized about being a British postman, riding about on your jolly red post bike delivering parcels to kindly old ladies who invite you in for "a nice cuppa tea, duck?" We can help you turn that dream into a reality with the Pashley Pronto postman's bicycle. Made by Pashley in England for the Royal Mail. Not just for wannabe postmen only but a practical work horse with big front cargo container and sturdy rack that you can attach (for an additional cost) the substantial and authentic Royal Mail panniers made by Carradice (the English cycling bag makers.) MSRP $1495.00 plus tax for bike, $205 plus tax for pannier set.

Pashley Now In Stock November 20 2014

Adding to our roster of distinguished British made bicycle products from companies Brooks and Carradice we introduce Pashley bicycles. We have six models ready to test ride and take home: Princess Sovereign, Guv'nor Plus 2, Aurora, Countryman, Delibike, and Pronto (the official Royal Mail carrier bike.) Other models can be ordered for purchase.