Cycle Gear For Your Sweetie! February 09 2017

bicycle and bike accessories

Cycling is for lovers. Forget flowers, chocolates, or diamonds; your cycling sweetie will be much happier with something for the bike. Basil makes gorgeous and practical cycling gear like the floribunda patterned Bloom Carry All bag. You can still give your special someone flowers but ones that will last for many, many years. A Brooks leather saddle will also last a very long time (like your love) and this red B17 kinda even looks like a heart (if you squint a little.) Keep in mind, should it break (the saddle that is) we can mend it. One of the most important cycling accessories one should probably have is a helmet. With this Nutcase Pink Cheetah helmet you'll be saying, "I love your brain.I really do."  Maybe it's just time to part and move a new bike. This Pure City Melrose 3 speed step through bicycle comes in a deep, rich red and is fully equipped with fenders, chain guard, rack, and bell. Its super comfortable too and just screams, "ride me through town and back!"

Don't forget we have a selection of bicycles and bike accessories on sale until the end of February.


Don't Let the Heat Get You Down, Lighten Up August 10 2016

cycling cap, compact cargo bike,  lightweight bike lock, and bike helmet

With this oppressive heat and humidity we got going on here in Philadelphia the last thing we want is heavy. Here are a few light weight products that won't drag you down. The Abus Granit Futura Mini lock is featherweight compared to it's welterweight cousins but still as strong. Nutcase added it's Metroride line of helmets as a lighter alternative to their Street Helmet. Super lightweight and with a slim profile you'll forget you have it on (but don't worry you still do; your head is protected.)  GoCycling's sweat-wicking cycling cap is gossamer. And with it's Philadelphia graphics you'll be representing the City Of Brotherly Love in the coolest possible way. Think all cargo bikes literally weigh a ton? The Boda Boda V3 by Yuba is one of the lightest compact cargo bikes on the market. Starting at 41lbs (before add-ons) it can easily be lifted up steps to store indoors where it's safest. The newest version can now hold two Yepp Maxi Easyfit kid seats on the back and there's still room for one Yepp Mini up front. That's three kids you can haul around town on this zippy bike.


We're Having a Kids Stuff SALE! November 24 2015

Kids bikes and accessories marked down 10% beginning November 27th until the end of December. Includes Torker Throttles and Wildflowers in 12", 16" and 20" models, Strider balance bikes and snow skis, Nutcase Little Nutty & Baby Nutty helmets, bells from Nutcase and Yepp, kids' baskets, spoke beads, and streamers. Also, save 10% on Yepp Minis, Maxis, Juniors, and various Yepp attachments like Slaaprolls, windscreens, and adaptors. In store purchases and in stock items only.

Hold on to Summer Forever August 13 2015

Let's embrace the summer weather, humidity and all, because in January we'll all be wishing it was August again. You can get a bike and accessories with tropical punch to keep your mind in the hot zone through every season. Pure City makes their Bromley step-through in a tasty melon finish. Add one of their wooden crates like the deep jungle green one pictured and load it up with mangos and cantaloupe. And speaking of melons, top off yours with Nutcase's flowered and foliaged Hula Blue helmet available in S, M, & L sizes. All available in the shop.