Faraday: America's New Easy Rider July 01 2016

Riding a bike is certainly one of life's most pleasurable experiences. Faraday has created the ultimate pleasure bike that's also practical. It has a durable steel frame, a generator hub to power front and rear lights (bye bye wasteful batteries), optional front and rear rack to carry your things, full fitted fenders to keep you dry, but most distinctly it has an electric assist motor to make climbing hills or riding into headwinds a breeze. And all this wrapped up in a beautiful package. The Porteur S features 5 speed Sturmey Archer internal rear hub and matching metal fenders. The top of the line Porteur comes with 8 speed Shimano internal rear hub, belt drive chain, leather grips, and bamboo fenders. Add to either their stylish leather top tube bag that doubles as a U-lock holder. This might be the only bike you'll ever need.

Winter is Coming (Eventually.....Right?) September 16 2015

With all this gorgeous pre-autumn weather it's hard to think about what's in store later. Maybe it won't be as bad as this but why not get your bike ready for the worst. Winterize your bike with a tune up. In addition to the usual maintenance we'll make sure your tires are up to snuff. If you need new ones, we got 'em. We have a large assortment from Continental and Schwalbe. We'll make sure your lights are working properly too. Don't have lights? We've got those as well like Fortified guaranteed theft proof light sets, Blaze laserlights, and various options from Cateye. Or maybe consider upgrading to generator lights so you never have to worry about batteries or theft. And be sure to pick up a bottle of Triflow because your chain will need a little extra attention with all the salt and snow.

Your Bike Wants a Tune Up January 22 2015

If you find you're not riding your bike because of the cold weather, that's fine, we won't hold it against you. Why not beat the spring rush by bringing it in for a tune up now. For $60 we will lubricate your chain and cables, adjust derailleurs or internal hubs, adjust brakes and bearings, give your wheels a minor true, and clean the frame and wheel rims. Add another $20 on top of that and we will clean the drivetrain. Have a single speed? It's just $40 for a tune up.

Why not up the ante by taking this time to turn your beloved old bike into a sleek commuter dream like Anna did with her Trek Elance from the 80s. It started life as a road bike with drop bars and lots of gears. A few years ago Anna added upright handlebars, some plastic fenders, and a wire basket to make it more commuter friendly. Then, two weeks ago, she came to us with her wish list of upgrades: 3 speed internal rear hub (she realized she didn't need all those gears), front generator hub to power front and rear lights, aluminum fitted fenders, and a flat front rack to replace the basket. Because of the new hubs she would need two new wheel builds as well.

We hooked Anna up with a SRAM iMotion 3 speed rear hub, Sanyo Dyno hub, Busch & Muller HL Lumotec Avy front light and Spanninga Pixeo fender mounted tail light, Honjo hammered fenders, and a Velo Orange porteur rack. And she couldn't be happier! Just got a call from Anna and she says it rides like a dream.

Light Up October 30 2014

This Sunday clocks go back an hour and that, of course, means we lose an hour of what precious little daylight is left during our commutes home. Kinda depressing. But let's just embrace the darkness instead by being well lit. We have an assortment of front and rear lights that will get you noticed at night. From single point battery powered LEDs like the Altair Mini, USB re-chargable front lights like Blackburn's Grid and Cateye's Volt 300 both with high and low beam settings, and fender mount tail lights like the Fenderbot from Portland Design Works. We can also set up your bike with a generator hub and lights. Prices start at $10 for battery powered and $50 for USB rechargable lights. Generator sets with wheel build start around $200.


Starting November 2nd we will be closed on Mondays (in addition to Sundays) for the winter.