Open Sundays Again. Yahoo! March 01 2017

bear yawning

We've had a long-ish winter nap and are feeling refreshed. Ready to take on Sundays once more. Come out between 12 noon and 4pm to get a new bike (we still have some on sale), have a flat fixed, or leave your bicycle for a tune up.

We'll Fix That Flat Fast! June 28 2016

bicycle racer with flat tire

We do a lot of unusual repairs at our shop like welding on new drop outs or overhauling  internal hubs but when it comes to basic maintenance like fixing flat tires we do that too and we do it fast. While you wait.  Kids bikes, carbon racing bikes, mountain bikes, cargo bikes, folding bikes, Dutch bikes - we fix 'em all. Always wanted to learn how to fix a flat? It's a great skill to have; beats being left at the side of the road. Keep an eye out for future classes but in the mean time, If it's not too busy, you can shadow a mechanic who will walk you through the necessary steps. We sell the tools and parts you'll need like inner tubes, patch kits, bicycle pumps, and tire levers. And don't forget to watch the 103rd Tour de France, it kicks off this Saturday.


Fix your own flat and save money! January 15 2016

Getting a flat tire from riding in the city is an all too common occurrence. And since it seems to happen at the most inopportune time (when you're far from your destination & there's not a bike shop in sight) it would make sense to learn the most basic of bike repair skills. In the first of our free repair clinics we'll show you step by step the easiest and most efficient way to get you back on your bicycle. Make sure to bring your bike with you and be prepared to get your hands dirty. Because you'll be learning on your own bike you'll want to bring some tools along if you got 'em. Don't have any? Class attendees will save 10%* on essential flat repair accessories like tubes, patch kits, tire levers, pumps, and saddle pouches. (*discount applies to purchases made the night of class.)

This clinic will be held on Wednesday, January 27th, and begins at 6pm. Please RSVP by phone: 215-425-4672 or email: and reference "repair clinic."