We've Made Room for More Cargo Bikes: Benno Boost E & Carry On November 09 2016

We're very excited to introduce two new cargo bikes from Benno Bikes: the electric assist Boost E and 27 speed Carry On. Both would be described as mid-tail length, like a "regular" bike but just a little longer, and both come with a beefy rear rack with optional front rack. The rear rack has a maximum carrying load of 110 lbs, so pile on the stuff plus your kid. The 24" wheels lower the center of gravity making it easier to haul goods and the wide tires make the ride more comfortable. While the 27 speed Carry On will be perfect for most folks, the Boost E e-bike with Bosch bottom bracket electric assist motor will provide much needed ease for distance rides or hill climbs.

Benno Baenziger is the namesake behind the new brand. He co-founded Electra Bikes in the early 90s and left the company after it was bought by Trek, "his restless desire to design better bikes and inspire people to ride remained, which lead him to create Benno Bikes in 2015."

We're the only shop in Philadelphia carrying these two bikes. Come check 'em out!


Faraday: America's New Easy Rider July 01 2016

Riding a bike is certainly one of life's most pleasurable experiences. Faraday has created the ultimate pleasure bike that's also practical. It has a durable steel frame, a generator hub to power front and rear lights (bye bye wasteful batteries), optional front and rear rack to carry your things, full fitted fenders to keep you dry, but most distinctly it has an electric assist motor to make climbing hills or riding into headwinds a breeze. And all this wrapped up in a beautiful package. The Porteur S features 5 speed Sturmey Archer internal rear hub and matching metal fenders. The top of the line Porteur comes with 8 speed Shimano internal rear hub, belt drive chain, leather grips, and bamboo fenders. Add to either their stylish leather top tube bag that doubles as a U-lock holder. This might be the only bike you'll ever need.