Cycle Gear For Your Sweetie! February 09 2017

bicycle and bike accessories

Cycling is for lovers. Forget flowers, chocolates, or diamonds; your cycling sweetie will be much happier with something for the bike. Basil makes gorgeous and practical cycling gear like the floribunda patterned Bloom Carry All bag. You can still give your special someone flowers but ones that will last for many, many years. A Brooks leather saddle will also last a very long time (like your love) and this red B17 kinda even looks like a heart (if you squint a little.) Keep in mind, should it break (the saddle that is) we can mend it. One of the most important cycling accessories one should probably have is a helmet. With this Nutcase Pink Cheetah helmet you'll be saying, "I love your brain.I really do."  Maybe it's just time to part and move a new bike. This Pure City Melrose 3 speed step through bicycle comes in a deep, rich red and is fully equipped with fenders, chain guard, rack, and bell. Its super comfortable too and just screams, "ride me through town and back!"

Don't forget we have a selection of bicycles and bike accessories on sale until the end of February.


Thump, Thump: Month Long Love Sale on Selected Bikes & Accessories January 27 2017

bicycle sale

Because we want you to feel the love (of cycling), we'll be having a sale on select bicycles and accessories all through the month of February. Time to say adieu to our fleet of rental bikes (to make room for new ones.) These sturdy workhorses from Brooklyn Bicycle Co. have served us well. It's a great chance to get a Dutch style city bike for very little money. Prices start at $250. We also have a handful of new bikes greatly marked down like a Brooklyn Bicycle Co. Willow 7 speed step-through frame originally $750 reduced to $550. We have one Simcoe Basic Roadster 3 speed step-over frame originally $700 now $500. Canadian company Simcoe makes stylish, classic bikes with beautiful details and durable paint finishes. For a tall kid or small adult we have a Torker U-3 in a 44cm frame. It's a 3 speed internal geared bike with a racier geometry and drop bars. Originally $500 reduced to $325. And we've knocked down the price of our last SE Wildman 20" bmx bike. Yours for $284.26 including tax for this popular kid's bike. As for accessories, all of our Racktime bags and panniers are 30% off. German company Racktime makes practical gear for commuters like the Side One Urban and Work It Wide that look good on the bike right into the office. A selection of Basil bags and panniers are also 30% off. Dutch company Basil is a shop favorite because of their bright and fun colors and patterns on items like their Basonyl Double Bag or Jada Mirte Shopper. Quantities are limited and prices quoted do not include sales tax unless otherwise noted. Stop in and test ride a bike Tuesdays through Saturdays.

We've just added some more bikes to our February sale! All Brompton folding bikes are reduced 10% off MSRP and all Pashley bicycles are reduced 15% off MSRP. The sale is good only on bicycles currently in stock.


Carradice Canvas Bicycle Saddlebags Restocked December 01 2016

bicycle saddle bags

We've finally gotten in some of the more popular Carradice bags and rain capes (just in time for you know what?!) Handmade in a small factory in Lancashire, England, Carradice bags haven't changed much since the 1930s when they were born. As the saying goes, don't fix what isn't broken. And if one does "break" (like a strap or a snap) you can send it back to the factory for repair. In addition to best sellers like the Nelson Long Flap and Barley, we've brought in the more minimal Junior and it's slightly larger cousin Cadet. Stay dry in the Philly winter drizzle with their traditional wax canvas rain cape in standard size or super. Looks nice tucked into their classic cape roll. Want a small bag with a bit more panache? We have one zip roll with Harris Tweed left in stock. All are waterproof.


Kick Off Summer with 20% Off Linus Bikes May 13 2016

woman riding a bike

Philadelphia is a great biking city, especially in summer. It's the best way to get around to all the summer hot spots like Spruce Street Harbor Park, the PHS pop up beer garden on South Street, and the Schuylkill River Trail to name a few. And if Open Streets Philly takes off, you'll definitely want a bike. Starting May 17th until the end of the month all of our Linus bikes will be 20% off MSRP. It's a great time to pick up that Mixte 8 speed you've had your eye on, originally $829 reduced to $663. Or perhaps that Roadster Sport 3 speed, originally $599 reduced to $479. And kids bikes are on sale too. Lil Roadster 16 and Lil Dutchi 16 originally $289 reduced to $231. You can check out what we have in stock here but more sizes and colors are on the way (and we can always order what we don't have.) Don't miss out on this!

(Prices shown before taxes and sale is good on bicycles bought in store only.)

Now That's a Damn Fine Looking Bike March 31 2016

Grey bicycle with brown saddle and grips

We love the Linus Roadster 8 not just because it's a practical bike for the city with 8 internal gears or that it has full fitted fenders and room for a front basket or rear rack plus a couple of pannier bags. And we don't love it because it's priced to sell at $829 plus tax. We love it because it just looks so damn good (especially against this yellow and grey wall) and rides real nice. It has all the style of a classic English bike but much lighter than an older bike because of the chromoly tubing. The brown faux leather saddle and grips add a bit of panache but we wouldn't stop you if you wanted to class it up even further with say a Brooks leather saddle and some coordinating Brooks leather grips. And if you're still not convinced this is a totally awesome bike check out this review from Bicycle Times.

Bicycles and Business Work Well Together March 18 2016

Six city bicycles

Indego isn't the only bike share in town. Some hotels and condominiums, like Dranoff Lofts, provide bikes for their residents. We just gave their fleet a tune up and can do the same for your fleet. Cycling as a mode of transportation is a trend that keeps growing and is here to stay. Businesses that incorporate and promote the use of bicycles are another lasting trend. It makes sense, particularly in a city like Philadelphia. With very little hill climbing it's so easy to get around town by bike and it's often the most efficient means. If you're interested in incorporating bicycles into your business we can help you choose the right one (or more,) whether it's a half dozen three speed city bikes or a cargo bike or two. We can outfit the bikes with baskets, racks, bells, locks, and lights too.

Add an Electric Boost to Your Edgerunner for 15% OFF February 19 2016

For folks with an Xtracycle Edgerunner or thinking about getting one, you might want to consider adding an electric assist motor and with 15% off the BionX P350DX for rear 20" wheel AND free installation it's a pretty sweet deal. That's over $300 in savings. Whether you're hill people or not it's nice knowing that you can get a little help hauling three kids, a bag of groceries, and yourself home after a long day with a boost from BionX. If you've never tried a bike with an electric assist, don't just take our word for how awesomely fantastic it is, see for yourself. We have an Edgerunner with BionX set up and ready for a test ride or to rent. The sale is good for in stock items only and we only have two left so HURRY!

The Wald 1372 Basket: Sublime Utility January 17 2016

We've read somewhere that the paper clip is one of the most important inventions ever. And how could it not be? Wire bent into a useful shape that makes our lives easier. Simple and elegant. Sublime utility. The Wald 1372 basket is like that paper clip. Wald Sports has been in business since 1904. While they started making bicycle tire tube repair kits, it wasn't long before they realized the usefulness of a bike basket. We agree, of course. Carrying stuff on your bike is far better than on your back. And far safer than slinging a bag over your handlebar. They make wire baskets for the front and rear of bikes, in different shapes and sizes but our favorite is the 1372. It's not huge, it measures 15" by 10" and 5" deep. Don't underestimate the power of the small basket. They handle better than big ones that can be unwieldy, especially fully loaded. Combine it with a bungee cord (another great invention) or cargo net and you can carry a lot of gear without worrying about things bouncing out. There are oodles of bags and liners on the market made especially to fit the 1372. Wald make their own but you can buy handmade versions from local Philly craftswomen like Fabric Horse. The struts that mount to the axles give it extra support compared to a lift-off basket that hangs on the handlebar alone. Smaller bike frames won't accommodate a larger or deeper basket but the 1372 fits on just about any size bike with straight or upright bars. Made of steel it comes in a zinc finish (like the paper clip) or gloss black. As for the price? It's $25, probably the least expensive bike basket on the market considering it's craftmanship. And it's made in America. In Maysville, Kentucky to be exact. So when you're considering adding a basket to your bike (and you should) don't overlook the Wald 1372. Always in stock.

Bicycle Commuter Bags That Don't Look Like Bicycle Commuter Bags December 05 2015

(Pictured left to right: Workit pannier, Shopit bag, and Side Two Urban pannier.)

Racktime makes some fantastic bags geared towards commuters. Their line of tweed bags don't look like the average pannier or rack top bag. Pop one of these off your rack, sling it over your arm, and head into the office with style. No one would ever guess you've just gotten off your bike. The large Workit Wide is a roomy briefcase/pannier with lots of pockets, one dedicated to protect a laptop or tablet, adjustable and comfortable carrying strap, and reflective details to make you visible. The Side One Urban (not pictured) and Side Two Urban are more stream lined and minimal panniers but still roomy and come with a waterproof cover. The Shopit sits securely on top of Racktime's Foldit rack with their signature Snap-it system and has a draw string cover to keep your valuables from bouncing out. Bags come in grey or brown tweed. Prices start at $60.



The Basil Portland Rack: Looks Good. Carries Stuff. November 28 2015

The Basil Portland front carrier is a sturdy and stylish porteur style rack with side rails and removable canvas strap to hold your gear in place. Made of aluminum with fork mounting and front axle mounting support stays, it will be able to carry a fair load up to about 22 lbs, $95. Also comes without side rails, $80.

Back To School Special August 25 2015

Hey college students, we're running a special package deal from now until September 19th. Buy a Pure Fix single speed bike, Bell Piston or Strut helmet, Cateye Omni 3 light set, and Abus Ultra Mini 410 U-lock and cable set for $450 + tax! That's a savings of $55 for all these back-to-school travel essentials. You must have a valid student ID to get this deal so make sure you bring it with you.

Sale on Torker Bikes April 17 2015



If you've been craving a new bike but can't justify the expense, well fret no more. All our Torker adult bikes in stock are now reduced 25% off MSRP. You can get a comfy and light T300 3 speed internal hub step-through with rear rack, fenders, and chain guard for as little as $345 (before taxes.) We also have the T800 with 8 speed internal hub, the sporty U-3 3 speed internal hub with drop bars, and T29 3 speed internal hub beach cruiser. There are limited quantities so call for sizes, prices, and availability.

Better Mobility in Philadelphia March 04 2015

Philadelphia Magazine posted an article about Philly being one of the most car-free cities in the US. That sounds like good news; however, the most likely reason is due to our high poverty rate and that's bad news. While many of us choose not to drive, it's not a choice for others. Many Philadelphians can't afford a car and must rely on a bicycle or public transportation to get around. If that's the case than it's even more important to make sure citizens can be mobile by improving our public walkways, transit, and bicycle infrastructure. Better Mobility, a Philadelphia Mayoral Forum, will ask the candidates where they stand on these issues. Join the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia and other groups on March 19 from 6pm - 8pm at the Friends Center, 1501 Cherry Street, to find out.

Super Star Product of the Week: Park PFP 8 Home Mechanic Floor Pump March 01 2015


Ok, that's a mouthful of a name but if you come into the shop looking for a bicycle pump we'll steer you in it's direction. A floor pump is probably the most important tool a cyclist can have. Keeping your tires filled with adequate air pressure helps prevent flats and it makes your commute easier. While a small frame pump can put air in your tube it'll never be as efficient; use one when you get a flat on the road. For regular use (you typically want to fill your tires up at least once a week) a floor pump is the more efficient option. The Park PFP 8 Home Mechanic floor pump has a big, easy to read gauge so you can see exactly how much air you're putting in the tire. Don't know how much to put in? On the side of the tire you'll find a maximum and minimum amount, so make sure you fall somewhere between those two numbers. The valve head has two openings, one for Schrader valves (the fat ones) and one for Presta valves (the skinny ones.) With those small frame pumps you usually have to change the parts around to fit whichever valve is on the tube. Not so with the Park PFP 8. Plus, with the long barrel you'll fill that tire a whole lot quicker than you would with a puny frame pump. It also has a sturdy base so that it can stand tall and proud in your home. I mean, how handsome it that guy? Really handsome, that's how, and more importantly, REALLY useful!

Featured Product of the Week: Racktime Boxit February 20 2015

Most folks have heard of Ortlieb, the German manufacturer of great waterproof panniers and bags. Well let us introduce you to their sibling, Racktime. Like Ortlieb, Racktime makes bags and panniers but also baskets and containers, like the Boxit pictured, that fit onto their proprietary front and rear racks with their Snapit System. This means the rack and container work like one to fully support the load you're carrying. The Boxit is a two in one container: load your gear in the rigid plastic tray and place securely in the tubular frame or don't use the tray. Your choice. We like the way the Boxit looks and we like that it has a load capacity of up to 50lbs. Comes in two size options: large (approximately 21" x 14" x 6") and small (approximately 18" x 12" x 6".)

Your Bike Wants a Tune Up January 22 2015

If you find you're not riding your bike because of the cold weather, that's fine, we won't hold it against you. Why not beat the spring rush by bringing it in for a tune up now. For $60 we will lubricate your chain and cables, adjust derailleurs or internal hubs, adjust brakes and bearings, give your wheels a minor true, and clean the frame and wheel rims. Add another $20 on top of that and we will clean the drivetrain. Have a single speed? It's just $40 for a tune up.

Why not up the ante by taking this time to turn your beloved old bike into a sleek commuter dream like Anna did with her Trek Elance from the 80s. It started life as a road bike with drop bars and lots of gears. A few years ago Anna added upright handlebars, some plastic fenders, and a wire basket to make it more commuter friendly. Then, two weeks ago, she came to us with her wish list of upgrades: 3 speed internal rear hub (she realized she didn't need all those gears), front generator hub to power front and rear lights, aluminum fitted fenders, and a flat front rack to replace the basket. Because of the new hubs she would need two new wheel builds as well.

We hooked Anna up with a SRAM iMotion 3 speed rear hub, Sanyo Dyno hub, Busch & Muller HL Lumotec Avy front light and Spanninga Pixeo fender mounted tail light, Honjo hammered fenders, and a Velo Orange porteur rack. And she couldn't be happier! Just got a call from Anna and she says it rides like a dream.

Xtracycle is Having a Super Sweet Sale! December 09 2014

During the month of December, Xtracycle is celebrating the spirit of giving with some free gifts for you. When you purchase a 16.5" (S/M) EdgeRunner 24D at the regular price, they will kick in a bunch of accessories worth $225. There are three options available: With option 1. you get a Yepp Maxi child seat and Superhooks that allow you to carry one child and your gear. Option 2. gets you a Sidecar, Sidecar Deck, and Cinch Straps that will turn your EdgeRunner into an oversize cargo carrying machine! And with option 3. you'll get X2 Bag upgrade and a Fender Set that still allows you to transport up to three kids. Remember this offer is only good for the purchase of a 16.5" 24D EdgeRunner and expires on 12/19/2014. We advise you to act fast because when the bikes and gear are gone, they're gone. We have a few EdgeRunners in stock ready for sale or test rides, Tuesday through Saturday.

Pashley Now In Stock November 20 2014

Adding to our roster of distinguished British made bicycle products from companies Brooks and Carradice we introduce Pashley bicycles. We have six models ready to test ride and take home: Princess Sovereign, Guv'nor Plus 2, Aurora, Countryman, Delibike, and Pronto (the official Royal Mail carrier bike.) Other models can be ordered for purchase.

Light Up October 30 2014

This Sunday clocks go back an hour and that, of course, means we lose an hour of what precious little daylight is left during our commutes home. Kinda depressing. But let's just embrace the darkness instead by being well lit. We have an assortment of front and rear lights that will get you noticed at night. From single point battery powered LEDs like the Altair Mini, USB re-chargable front lights like Blackburn's Grid and Cateye's Volt 300 both with high and low beam settings, and fender mount tail lights like the Fenderbot from Portland Design Works. We can also set up your bike with a generator hub and lights. Prices start at $10 for battery powered and $50 for USB rechargable lights. Generator sets with wheel build start around $200.


Starting November 2nd we will be closed on Mondays (in addition to Sundays) for the winter.