Buy a CatEye Computer and Get Some Lights...for FREE! May 26 2016

CatEye special promotion display

CatEye has a little deal going on right now. When you pick up one of their computers like the super basic Velo 7 or the extra-featured Urban Wireless + or Padrone you'll get a set of their classic LOOP lights for free! And we all like free stuff. Those little computers are fun for knowing your time,speed, distance, and with some your carbon offset or calorie consumption. But the lights are a necessity for night time riding and it doesn't really hurt to have them on in the daytime either. Being visible keeps you safe.

Back To School Special August 25 2015

Hey college students, we're running a special package deal from now until September 19th. Buy a Pure Fix single speed bike, Bell Piston or Strut helmet, Cateye Omni 3 light set, and Abus Ultra Mini 410 U-lock and cable set for $450 + tax! That's a savings of $55 for all these back-to-school travel essentials. You must have a valid student ID to get this deal so make sure you bring it with you.

Light Up October 30 2014

This Sunday clocks go back an hour and that, of course, means we lose an hour of what precious little daylight is left during our commutes home. Kinda depressing. But let's just embrace the darkness instead by being well lit. We have an assortment of front and rear lights that will get you noticed at night. From single point battery powered LEDs like the Altair Mini, USB re-chargable front lights like Blackburn's Grid and Cateye's Volt 300 both with high and low beam settings, and fender mount tail lights like the Fenderbot from Portland Design Works. We can also set up your bike with a generator hub and lights. Prices start at $10 for battery powered and $50 for USB rechargable lights. Generator sets with wheel build start around $200.


Starting November 2nd we will be closed on Mondays (in addition to Sundays) for the winter.