A Virtual Tour of the Shop and Other News April 27 2016

You don't have to physically be here to see inside. This virtual tour will give you an idea what's going on in this awesome space we call Transport Cycles. You'll see our showroom, our service area, our frame shop, and even where the magic of Haley Tricycles takes place. It's all pretty much here. Technology is pretty cool. 

Last week Indego, Philadelphia's bike share program, purchased a beautiful blue Larry Vs Harry electric assist Bullitt for employees to use. Tray Duffy, Indego's fleet manager, picked up the bike. Says his crew are super stoked and can't wait to ride it. It'll be easier for them to get around to the different stations throughout the city with the Bullitt. They'd all rather be riding than stuck in a truck all day. Hope this is the first of many (or at least a couple more.) Not just bike related business but many business would benefit from a bike like the Bullitt. It's available to order but we have one in shop to test ride. 

Earth Day celebrations continue in Narbearth this Saturday where from noon to 4 pm we'll have an assortment of bikes for kids and adults to check out. Here's your chance to test ride a Brompton, Boda Boda, Babboe, Edgerunner, and for kids the Flip Flop balance bike without leaving the comfort of the suburbs. 

Cargo Bikes for Everyone! September 26 2014

With the pleasant Autumn cycling weather upon us, now is a good time to look into getting that cargo bike you've always dreamed about. We carry cargo bikes big, suitable for transporting your kids to school, and small, to haul your groceries and beer home after work. Our long rear loading bikes, we stock the Xtracycle Edgerunner and Yuba Mundo, can carry up to three children and with an additional seat up front, like the Yepp Mini, your littlest one can join the fun. Add-ons like side rails and seat cushions make the ride comfortable for all. Our front loading cargos, Gazelle Cabby and Babboe City, let you communicate easily with your two, three or maybe four kids, and feature rear racks allowing for additional carrying capacity. Don't have kids but need to get a lot of large bulky items around town? We can get you a Larry Vs. Harry Bullitt framekit that lets you decide what components and what kind of container will do the job. We'll do the build too. The possibilities are endless! And if your needs are on a smaller scale we have the Yuba Boda Boda step-through, Soma Pick-Up Artist, and Civia Halsted. Despite their smaller sizing these lil' guys can haul a sh*t ton of gear. Philly streets are flat for the most part so riding a cargo bike (from 7 gears up to 24 depending on the make and model) is a breeze but if hills impede your ride a Bionx electric assist can be added to make your journey a lot smoother. Come to test ride Monday through Fridays 10 to 6, Saturdays 10 to 5. And make sure to check out the 2014 Philadelphia Bike Expo, November 8th and 9th at the Convention Center. We'll be there with some of our cargo bikes and test rides are available at the Expo.

Bullitt Spotting August 05 2014

If you're out and about today look for the shop's big yellow Bullitt. You'll spot Simon chauffeuring photographer Jessica Kourkounis around the city. She'll be Visit Philly's instagrammer for the next few days so be sure to smile for the camera!

Philadelphia is Catching Cargo Fever March 18 2014

Spring fever isn't the only fever going around. Cargo fever is spreading as well. Our new stock of Xtracycle Edgerunners arrived this morning after selling out last week. We already have one built and ready to go. And that ain't all. We have more cargo bikes: Xtracycle Cargo Joe, Gazelle Cabby, Babboe City, Haley Trikes, and Bullitt. Come in for some test rides.



Rent Me February 04 2014

Last week the box for our Bullitt returned with this fabulous, freshly painted sign by the guys at ICY Signs in Philadelphia. We have a few cargo and city bikes available for rent, by the hour or by the day. Just check under our rental page for pricing or call the shop for more details.