If You Can't Stand the Heat... July 28 2016

Fairmount Park

Dreaming of escaping the sweltering heat of the city to a cool verdant oasis? Hop on your bike and with your friends and family head to the country for a picnic. For us in Philadelphia heading to the nearest expanse of green and quiet isn't far at all. Fairmount Park has over 9000 acres of parkland right within the city limits. You'll easily find a shady grove to settle down and enjoy the sights and gentle sounds of mother nature. In some spots, like Cresheim Valley Creek pictured, you'd never know you were still in a major metropolis.

We have the bikes and gear just right for transporting your picnic fare. Green Guru make bags and panniers out of recycled materials. Try their Carbon Cooler to keep food from spoiling.

bicycle pannierWorks nicely on the rear rack of Breezer's city commuter the Downtown 3.

step through bike

Linus have a large selection of traditional bikes and baskets. We like their oval basket strapped to the handlebar of their Dutchi 3 for a nostalgic look.

bicycle basket

step through bike

A crate on a rear rack is a great solution for hauling beverages. Pure City's wooden crate fits beautifully on the rear rack of a Pure City Bourbon and is perfect for carrying a six pack of your favorite sip.

bicycle crate

upright three speed bicycle

Feeding a big crowd? You can rent one of our cargo bikes like the Nihola Family or Babboe City to carry it all, even the grill.

Dutch cargo bike








Hi Five for Getting Where You Need to Go by Riding a Bike April 22 2016

Assorted bicycles bags and baskets

Every time that you ride your bike instead of drive your car is a celebration of mother earth. You deserve a high five for that. You can get to where you need to go by bike AND take your stuff with you. There's no excuse anymore. We have lots of gear to carry that stuff. Here are some new items in stock. We're excited to have an assortment of bags and baskets from Linus. Starting with the Sac, it's a great looking bag made of water-resistant treated canvas that attaches to a rear rack while on the bike with carrying handle and optional shoulder strap when off. We've got it in sand/black or navy/aqua with other colors available to order. If you don't need to take too much with you then the Pipette or Pouch is just the thing. Keys, phone, credit card and off you go. The Pipette shown in navy can go beneath your saddle or on your handlebar and when off the bike carried with the wrist strap. We love it's shape; you could fit a hot dog in there! The versatile Pouch shown in army green can be strapped to your handlebar, top tube, or beneath your saddle. Stopping at the farmers market to pick up some locally grown veg is NBD with the Wire Basket shown in iron. Hook onto your rack, take off with the handle. Plus we have a couple of their lovely wicker baskets not pictured.

For those who like a bit more pop Basil of The Netherlands has some pretty new prints on their rear panniers. This Wanderlust single carry all bag is available in ivory with an all-over pattern of birds, butterflies, and flowers (mother earth loves mother nature.) We also have the Wanderlust double pannier bags, same design but on a charcoal background. All that pattern and color not your thing? We've restocked some of our more popular Ortlieb bags like the Velocity Backpack in dark grey, pictured, and, not pictured, the Bike Shopper also in dark grey or a deep red. Ortlieb will always keep your stuff dry if caught in a downpour. Stop by the shop and check 'em out.


The Wald 1372 Basket: Sublime Utility January 17 2016

We've read somewhere that the paper clip is one of the most important inventions ever. And how could it not be? Wire bent into a useful shape that makes our lives easier. Simple and elegant. Sublime utility. The Wald 1372 basket is like that paper clip. Wald Sports has been in business since 1904. While they started making bicycle tire tube repair kits, it wasn't long before they realized the usefulness of a bike basket. We agree, of course. Carrying stuff on your bike is far better than on your back. And far safer than slinging a bag over your handlebar. They make wire baskets for the front and rear of bikes, in different shapes and sizes but our favorite is the 1372. It's not huge, it measures 15" by 10" and 5" deep. Don't underestimate the power of the small basket. They handle better than big ones that can be unwieldy, especially fully loaded. Combine it with a bungee cord (another great invention) or cargo net and you can carry a lot of gear without worrying about things bouncing out. There are oodles of bags and liners on the market made especially to fit the 1372. Wald make their own but you can buy handmade versions from local Philly craftswomen like Fabric Horse. The struts that mount to the axles give it extra support compared to a lift-off basket that hangs on the handlebar alone. Smaller bike frames won't accommodate a larger or deeper basket but the 1372 fits on just about any size bike with straight or upright bars. Made of steel it comes in a zinc finish (like the paper clip) or gloss black. As for the price? It's $25, probably the least expensive bike basket on the market considering it's craftmanship. And it's made in America. In Maysville, Kentucky to be exact. So when you're considering adding a basket to your bike (and you should) don't overlook the Wald 1372. Always in stock.