Bikes For A Green Country Town March 10 2017

William Penn envisioned Philadelphia as "the city of brotherly love" and a "green country town." That was in 1682. 335 years later it may be lacking a bit in the love as well as the green. But it's 2017 and there is a big movement towards a greener city, here and around the world. Not just by planting more trees, providing verdant public spaces, and developing urban farms but by cutting down on fossil fuel dependency we can work towards a healthier, green city. By riding a bike you'll help make our city and yourself healthy. That's something to love. As the weather gets nicer people are getting the itch to ride more. Getting your bike up & running is the first step. Bring it in now for a tune-up. Or stop in and try out a new bike. We've just refreshed our stock of Linus Bikes. The Dutchi and Roadster Sport above make a cute couple. Couldn't you just see yourself and a friend riding home on these from Greens Grow with some delicious spring vegetables and fresh flowers? Speaking of flowers the PHS Philadelphia Flower Show opens tomorrow. Always a sign that spring is almost here. This year the show is going Dutch. Expect to see a lot of bicycles nestled amid the flowers and shrubs.


Bring in Your Beast & We'll Make it a Beauty in Just Three Days February 19 2016


If you find you're not riding your bike because of the cold weather, that's fine, we won't hold it against you. Why not beat the spring rush by bringing it in for a tune up now. For $70 we will lubricate your chain and cables, adjust derailleurs and hubs, adjust brakes and bearings, give your wheels a minor true, and clean the frame and wheel rims. Add another $20 on top of that and we will clean the drive train. Have a single speed? It's just $50 for a tune up. And, in most cases, we'll have it ready for you in 3 days or less! Don't need a full tune up but just a little tweaking here and there? No problem. We offer our service a la carte. And because we are welders and frame builders we can repair that cracked tube or broken dropout on your steel frame. Not every shop can do that. We're also well equipped and experienced in large bike repairs i.e. cargo bikes or unusual bikes (see above) and have overhauled mucho internal hubs. We can pretty much do it all. Now excuse us while we get to work on this monster. We're not afraid.