Add Some Flair to Your Home Decor & Keep Your Bike Safe July 14 2016

bicycle storage indoorsBike theft is rampant in the city and those statistics get higher during the summer. Who wants to buy a new bike with the fear of it being stolen? For starters investing in a really good lock can minimize your chances of that new bike disappearing. Don't get the $10 one from the corner store, get one that's legit. Abus locks come in all shapes, sizes, and strengths. Any of their locks will get you by during the day while your at work or run to the store. At night it's a different story. ANY lock is vulnerable. And if you keep your bike locked up outdoors overnight your risk of getting it stolen increases drastically. Some people are lucky to have backyards big enough for a bike but keep in mind thieves can climb that fence just as easily as cut that lock. If this is the only place you can store a bike then you should get a couple of heavy duty locks like the Abus Ivy pictured below. Make sure it's locked to something secure like the Abus Granit Floor Anchor.

strong lock

Bringing your bike indoors is the safest solution but so many people don't do this. It's true storage space can be a problem in a city home but if you've made that lifestyle change to ditch the car and ride a bike then the least you can do is protect your investment. Think of your bike as a work of art and display it proudly. Why not buy a bike that matches your living room or bedroom decor? Or make a statement with a brightly colored bike like the Sun Skylar 5 speed step-through. Linus and Pure Cycles have a lot of color options. There are tons of storage devices out there from simple hooks that screw into a wall stud or ceiling joist to fancy shelves and ceiling pulleys. Take a look at Pinterest for more storage ideas. Still think that bike won't fit in your space? A bike like the Brompton folds neatly to 26" x 24" package that can be stored anywhere. And it's virtually theft free because you take it where ever you go: train, bus, office, store, or restaurant.

Brompton folding bike