For Longer Lasting Bikes, Keep Them Indoors

For Longer Lasting Bikes, Keep Them Indoors

'Tis the season we're all getting super-hyped to be outdoors. Nice weather means more bike sales and more bike maintenance. And that's a good thing. The more cyclists out on the road means Philadelphia gets recognized as a great cycling city. With our flat roads and our ever improving bicycle infrastructure we deserve to be in the top 10. There is a slight problem though, our small houses and apartments don't give us much in the way of protective storage. With bicycle theft being a huge problem, locking bikes outside, over night leaves them most vulnerable. Balconies and walled or fenced in back yards don't present any safer havens. There are many stories of folks getting their bike stolen from these spots. Bring your bike indoors. Make it a part of your decor. Think of it as functioning sculpture. Check out Pure Cycles track style bikes or road bikes. With their slim profiles they easily hang on a wall.

Pinterest offers oodles of other storage ideas. Dutch style bikes by Linus or Breezer Uptowns can stand on their own with kickstands.

Folding bikes, like Bromptons, take up the least amount of space. Because they fold down so compactly, they can easily fit on a shelf.

If you absolutely must store your bike outside in that walled in backyard or on balcony, make sure it is LOCKED SECURELY with a very good lock. Abus offers a wide assortment of highly secure locks. We like the Abus Bordo 6000 because it's strong and compact to carry on the bike.

But I'd suggest upping the ante even further with perhaps an Abus Granit City Chain lock. This is a heavy, beefy, strong lock. It's basically a motor cycle lock. Leave this one at home and take a lighter (but still strong) one with you when you're out. It never hurts to have more than one lock. In fact, you'll probably want a second one to get the other wheel. Parts get stolen too and can be expensive to replace.

And don't forget to lock to something secure. A chain link fence is not secure. The Abus Granit Floor Anchor permanently mounts into concrete. Install into the ground or a wall. Once it's in, it's in. If you are renting make sure you get approval before installing. This is also the best way to secure your big cargo bike that has to be parked on the sidewalk.

Not only does storing your bike inside your home keep it safe from thieves but it will protect it from wet weather that can rust parts making it not work so smoothly. Getting your bike tuned-up once a year, maybe twice if it mostly lives outdoors, will make riding much more enjoyable.