Bike in a Box April 13 2016

bike in front of box with packing materials

So you've always wanted to climb Alpe d'Huez like Lance. Well, the only way (at least the only legitimate way) you're gonna do that is if you take your bike with you to France. We'll box it up the right way so it arrives in the same condition as when it leaves. We'll make sure the frame and mechanical parts are wrapped securely and the box is sealed properly. You can either pick it up yourself, schedule FedEx or UPS to pick it up, or let us schedule the shipping for you through Bikeflights. Or maybe you found a classic Concorde on Ebay and need a professional to reassemble the bike. We can do that too. Bring it in to us or arrange to have the bike shipped to the shop. Prices start at $50 (kids bikes are less.) Call for details.