Shiny, Shiny, Shiny Leather Saddle (and Rails and Rivets)

Brooks saddle parts

Like magic a box of shiny new Brooks saddle parts arrived overnight from the Brooks England factory in Smethwick. We pride ourselves on being the only sanctioned and certified Brooks saddle repair center in North America. Six years ago Simon spent a week at the factory learning how to set a rivet, replace rails, and chamfer a saddle from long time Brooks employee Eric "The Chamferer, formerly The Riveter" Murray (perhaps you saw Eric mentioned on Bike Snob some time back.) Since then he has brought new life to many cherished saddles from all over the country. The thing about a Brooks saddle is when the leather breaks in, it breaks into you. While these saddles are made extremely well, occasionally something goes wrong. If a rail breaks or a rivet pops out you don't want to start all over again making your Brooks Swift the most comfortable saddle you've ever owned. And you don't have too. You send it to us and we make it like new, almost. If the leather does become damaged or just too saggy to tension anymore we can replace that too. If you have a saddle with say Ti rails this is often a more cost effective option. We can even upgrade or change your existing saddle by swapping rails perhaps. Those new copper rails that just came in would look pretty sweet on your existing Blue B17!

Brooks saddle ready for repair