The Saddle Makes the Name Supreme

two Brooks Cambium saddles


The Brooks C17 Cambium saddle has been available for a little over 2 years now, a blink of an eye in the history of Brooks England, but in it's young life it's made a hit worldwide with it's sleek minimal design, light weight yet durable construction, and most importantly it's comfort. Brooks has always had it's fans with their leather saddles but with the Cambium a new market has opened to them; vegan and weight conscious riders can enjoy these saddles of quality. And the fact that they don't need breaking in and are waterproof add to their appeal. Brooks has added more models to the Cambium line: the ultra narrow C13, C15, C17 Carved, C17s, C17s Carved, and the wide C19. We sell them all and have many available to demo.