The Wald 1372 Basket: Sublime Utility

We've read somewhere that the paper clip is one of the most important inventions ever. And how could it not be? Wire bent into a useful shape that makes our lives easier. Simple and elegant. Sublime utility. The Wald 1372 basket is like that paper clip. Wald Sports has been in business since 1904. While they started making bicycle tire tube repair kits, it wasn't long before they realized the usefulness of a bike basket. We agree, of course. Carrying stuff on your bike is far better than on your back. And far safer than slinging a bag over your handlebar. They make wire baskets for the front and rear of bikes, in different shapes and sizes but our favorite is the 1372. It's not huge, it measures 15" by 10" and 5" deep. Don't underestimate the power of the small basket. They handle better than big ones that can be unwieldy, especially fully loaded. Combine it with a bungee cord (another great invention) or cargo net and you can carry a lot of gear without worrying about things bouncing out. There are oodles of bags and liners on the market made especially to fit the 1372. Wald make their own but you can buy handmade versions from local Philly craftswomen like Fabric Horse. The struts that mount to the axles give it extra support compared to a lift-off basket that hangs on the handlebar alone. Smaller bike frames won't accommodate a larger or deeper basket but the 1372 fits on just about any size bike with straight or upright bars. Made of steel it comes in a zinc finish (like the paper clip) or gloss black. As for the price? It's $25, probably the least expensive bike basket on the market considering it's craftmanship. And it's made in America. In Maysville, Kentucky to be exact. So when you're considering adding a basket to your bike (and you should) don't overlook the Wald 1372. Always in stock.