Bicycle Commuter Bags That Don't Look Like Bicycle Commuter Bags

(Pictured left to right: Workit pannier, Shopit bag, and Side Two Urban pannier.)

Racktime makes some fantastic bags geared towards commuters. Their line of tweed bags don't look like the average pannier or rack top bag. Pop one of these off your rack, sling it over your arm, and head into the office with style. No one would ever guess you've just gotten off your bike. The large Workit Wide is a roomy briefcase/pannier with lots of pockets, one dedicated to protect a laptop or tablet, adjustable and comfortable carrying strap, and reflective details to make you visible. The Side One Urban (not pictured) and Side Two Urban are more stream lined and minimal panniers but still roomy and come with a waterproof cover. The Shopit sits securely on top of Racktime's Foldit rack with their signature Snap-it system and has a draw string cover to keep your valuables from bouncing out. Bags come in grey or brown tweed. Prices start at $60.