Super Star Product of the Week: Park PFP 8 Home Mechanic Floor Pump


Ok, that's a mouthful of a name but if you come into the shop looking for a bicycle pump we'll steer you in it's direction. A floor pump is probably the most important tool a cyclist can have. Keeping your tires filled with adequate air pressure helps prevent flats and it makes your commute easier. While a small frame pump can put air in your tube it'll never be as efficient; use one when you get a flat on the road. For regular use (you typically want to fill your tires up at least once a week) a floor pump is the more efficient option. The Park PFP 8 Home Mechanic floor pump has a big, easy to read gauge so you can see exactly how much air you're putting in the tire. Don't know how much to put in? On the side of the tire you'll find a maximum and minimum amount, so make sure you fall somewhere between those two numbers. The valve head has two openings, one for Schrader valves (the fat ones) and one for Presta valves (the skinny ones.) With those small frame pumps you usually have to change the parts around to fit whichever valve is on the tube. Not so with the Park PFP 8. Plus, with the long barrel you'll fill that tire a whole lot quicker than you would with a puny frame pump. It also has a sturdy base so that it can stand tall and proud in your home. I mean, how handsome it that guy? Really handsome, that's how, and more importantly, REALLY useful!