10 Gifts Ideas, $25 or less, for the Savvy City Cyclist

At a loss what to get your super-commuter spouse, your fixie-obsessed college student, or maybe your classy cycle-chic grandparent? Well, we got some goodies that won't exceed anyone's budget. A quick way to spice up an old bike is with a colorful new pair of platform pedals ($22) from Odyssey. A handsome pair of sturdy pedal straps ($20) from Pure Fix (would look sweet with those pedals just mentioned) and won't set you back too much. No one likes having a wet saddle (especially if it's leather) so a lovely vinyl seat cover ($16) from Basil will protect that major asset (eh-hem.) All natural cork grips ($12 a pair) not only look good but feel good (they age nicely and don't get all gooey like rubber ones.) Wanna get those segway touristas and blade runners out of your path? Sunlite's Ding Dong bell ($16) will give them the warning they deserve. Someone you know have a classic road bike who's bar tape has seen better days? Newbaums makes cotton cloth bar wrap ($7.50 a roll) in a rainbow of colors. You'll need two rolls per bar. The Handy Andy from Bikase makes a mobile phone case ($25) for that social media junky who can't afford to miss the latest post from Lil' Bub or more importantly Firth & Wilson Transport Cycles. We just can't show enough Philadelphia pride in this town, or anywhere else in the world, and nothing reeks of pride like a pair of Philly socks ($13) from local guys, GoCycling. The Dutch know how to keep things dry on their bikes so, once again from Basil, a basket rain cover ($16) that'll fit your Basil basket (and many others) will do the job. To be well-lit night cycling is to be safe. Cateye makes a simple bike light ($10 each) that stretches around your handle bar (front light) or seat post (rear light.) And that ain't all folks, we have oodles of other items under $25. Stop into the shop to see what's in stock.