Back In Stock: Basil Pasja Pet Baskets & Space Frames May 11 2017

These Basil Pasja pet baskets are just waiting for your best friend. Dog, cat, rabbit, potbelly pig, or iguana; we have two sizes, small and medium, just right for most medium to tiny pets. Worrisome parents can add the Basil Space Frame to keep more curious pals from jumping out. Each are sold separately and rear rack is not included.



Brompton, The Ultimate Folding Bike Is On Sale May 09 2017

Prices are reduced on all models of Brompton folding bikes in stock. If you have been lusting after one of these beautifully designed and extremely compact folding bikes, now is the time to grab one. The Brompton makes multi-modal transportation super easy. Bus, train, taxi, plane; it's lightening quick to fold and fits everywhere. Easily stores in a closet or cabinet but it's just too handsome to hide away. Put it on a shelf. Put it on a pedestal! Come in to test ride or borrow our DEMO bike for a few days.

Click here to see what models we have in stock.


For Longer Lasting Bikes, Keep Them Indoors April 27 2017

'Tis the season we're all getting super-hyped to be outdoors. Nice weather means more bike sales and more bike maintenance. And that's a good thing. The more cyclists out on the road means Philadelphia gets recognized as a great cycling city. With our flat roads and our ever improving bicycle infrastructure we deserve to be in the top 10. There is a slight problem though, our small houses and apartments don't give us much in the way of protective storage. With bicycle theft being a huge problem, locking bikes outside, over night leaves them most vulnerable. Balconies and walled or fenced in back yards don't present any safer havens. There are many stories of folks getting their bike stolen from these spots. Bring your bike indoors. Make it a part of your decor. Think of it as functioning sculpture. Check out Pure Cycles track style bikes or road bikes. With their slim profiles they easily hang on a wall.

Pinterest offers oodles of other storage ideas. Dutch style bikes by Linus or Breezer Uptowns can stand on their own with kickstands.

Folding bikes, like Bromptons, take up the least amount of space. Because they fold down so compactly, they can easily fit on a shelf.

If you absolutely must store your bike outside in that walled in backyard or on balcony, make sure it is LOCKED SECURELY with a very good lock. Abus offers a wide assortment of highly secure locks. We like the Abus Bordo 6000 because it's strong and compact to carry on the bike.

But I'd suggest upping the ante even further with perhaps an Abus Granit City Chain lock. This is a heavy, beefy, strong lock. It's basically a motor cycle lock. Leave this one at home and take a lighter (but still strong) one with you when you're out. It never hurts to have more than one lock. In fact, you'll probably want a second one to get the other wheel. Parts get stolen too and can be expensive to replace.

And don't forget to lock to something secure. A chain link fence is not secure. The Abus Granit Floor Anchor permanently mounts into concrete. Install into the ground or a wall. Once it's in, it's in. If you are renting make sure you get approval before installing. This is also the best way to secure your big cargo bike that has to be parked on the sidewalk.

Not only does storing your bike inside your home keep it safe from thieves but it will protect it from wet weather that can rust parts making it not work so smoothly. Getting your bike tuned-up once a year, maybe twice if it mostly lives outdoors, will make riding much more enjoyable.


Closed for Hunting Season April 14 2017

 We will be closed this Sunday to go hunting for eggs. In the meantime, please enjoy this short video.

Spring Flowers, Festivals, and Fools March 29 2017

Spring, it's officially here. Now that the temperature is getting a little higher and the sun is staying out a little later, we're all getting that itch to get outside and do something, like ride a bike. April 1st is the opening day of the Cherry Blossom Festival in Fairmount Park. Get some friends together and head to the Shofuso Japanese House and Garden to marvel at all the pinkness. If your friends don't have bikes, they can rent from us! Don't feel like riding the whole way? Let GoPhillyGo (they have a phone app too) map your multi-modal journey for the day. The festival runs until April 9th.

Flowers not really your thing? Then join in on the April Fools Fun Ride, also on April 1st. This event has been going on every Spring for 13 years now. It's a huge, city-wide scavenger hunt through Philadelphia where riders stop at various checkpoints, perform goofy, fun tasks and collect points along the way. Some checkpoints are bars, some are parks, some are local businesses that support cycling. It's open to every type of rider. Go fast or take your time but by all means have fun. Register by March 30th (you'll get some fun stuff) or at Penn Treaty Park the day of the ride at 1pm (the ride begins promptly at 2pm.)

Saturday, April 8th, we will once again be in Collingswood at their 9th Annual Green Festival. We had fun last year showing off cargo, kid, and folding bikes to our suburban neighbors. Small towns like Collingswood, Westmont, Audubon, and Haddonfield would really benefit from these practical vehicles. Come see us between 9 and 2 for a test ride. Then on Saturday, April 22nd we'll be celebrating earth day in the lovely town of Narberth at their annual NarbEarth Day festival. Come out and test ride cargo, family, and kid bikes.Save


Bikes For A Green Country Town March 10 2017

William Penn envisioned Philadelphia as "the city of brotherly love" and a "green country town." That was in 1682. 335 years later it may be lacking a bit in the love as well as the green. But it's 2017 and there is a big movement towards a greener city, here and around the world. Not just by planting more trees, providing verdant public spaces, and developing urban farms but by cutting down on fossil fuel dependency we can work towards a healthier, green city. By riding a bike you'll help make our city and yourself healthy. That's something to love. As the weather gets nicer people are getting the itch to ride more. Getting your bike up & running is the first step. Bring it in now for a tune-up. Or stop in and try out a new bike. We've just refreshed our stock of Linus Bikes. The Dutchi and Roadster Sport above make a cute couple. Couldn't you just see yourself and a friend riding home on these from Greens Grow with some delicious spring vegetables and fresh flowers? Speaking of flowers the PHS Philadelphia Flower Show opens tomorrow. Always a sign that spring is almost here. This year the show is going Dutch. Expect to see a lot of bicycles nestled amid the flowers and shrubs.


Open Sundays Again. Yahoo! March 01 2017

bear yawning

We've had a long-ish winter nap and are feeling refreshed. Ready to take on Sundays once more. Come out between 12 noon and 4pm to get a new bike (we still have some on sale), have a flat fixed, or leave your bicycle for a tune up.

Get Your Bike Ready, Nice Weather Is On The Way February 17 2017

bicycle repair shop

Nicer weather is on the way. Now is a really good time to bring your bike in for a Spring tune-up. You'll want it in top shape so as not to miss any warm, sunny days of riding. We can do a full tune-up starting at $50 for a single speed and $70 for a geared bike and in most cases have it finished in 3 days.* We work on ALL bikes, new, old, sporty and not so sporty like folding bikes, internally geared bikes, cargo bikes, and e-bikes. If your bike is beyond a tune up, we have a great selection of practical city bikes, with prices reduced on some.



Cycle Gear For Your Sweetie! February 09 2017

bicycle and bike accessories

Cycling is for lovers. Forget flowers, chocolates, or diamonds; your cycling sweetie will be much happier with something for the bike. Basil makes gorgeous and practical cycling gear like the floribunda patterned Bloom Carry All bag. You can still give your special someone flowers but ones that will last for many, many years. A Brooks leather saddle will also last a very long time (like your love) and this red B17 kinda even looks like a heart (if you squint a little.) Keep in mind, should it break (the saddle that is) we can mend it. One of the most important cycling accessories one should probably have is a helmet. With this Nutcase Pink Cheetah helmet you'll be saying, "I love your brain.I really do."  Maybe it's just time to part and move a new bike. This Pure City Melrose 3 speed step through bicycle comes in a deep, rich red and is fully equipped with fenders, chain guard, rack, and bell. Its super comfortable too and just screams, "ride me through town and back!"

Don't forget we have a selection of bicycles and bike accessories on sale until the end of February.


British Bicycle Sale: Brompton and Pashley Bikes Reduced February 01 2017

brompton folding bike model

All our British made bicycles, in stock, are on sale during the month of February. Now's the time to get that Brompton folding bike you've always dreamed of getting, up to 10% off MSRP. We love how well they are made and how smoothly they ride. We really love how compactly they fold. Ok, maybe not as small as the one in the photo above but you can still pick it up with one hand. Because these bikes come in umpteen variations from  different size gearing, handlebar styles, color, and accessories. Come in to test ride to see which one will suit you best.

road touring bike

We've also reduced the price of the two Pashleys in stock, up to 15% off MSRP. The Clubman Country (pictured above) is one of those bikes that can do just about all from traversing city streets to touring and look good while doing it. The bike features all the classic English details like Reynolds 531 Cro-moly tubing, lugged frame, and matching Brooks leather saddle and handlebar tape with updated Campagnolo and Shimano componentry. The versatile Aurora has a mixte frame also made from English company Reynolds 531 tubing. With it's straight bars and 8 speed internal hub you'll ride through city and country in comfort and class.

Both Brompton and Pashley build bikes with longevity that will be loved, with a little care and maintenance (we can take care of that), for years to come.


Thump, Thump: Month Long Love Sale on Selected Bikes & Accessories January 27 2017

bicycle sale

Because we want you to feel the love (of cycling), we'll be having a sale on select bicycles and accessories all through the month of February. Time to say adieu to our fleet of rental bikes (to make room for new ones.) These sturdy workhorses from Brooklyn Bicycle Co. have served us well. It's a great chance to get a Dutch style city bike for very little money. Prices start at $250. We also have a handful of new bikes greatly marked down like a Brooklyn Bicycle Co. Willow 7 speed step-through frame originally $750 reduced to $550. We have one Simcoe Basic Roadster 3 speed step-over frame originally $700 now $500. Canadian company Simcoe makes stylish, classic bikes with beautiful details and durable paint finishes. For a tall kid or small adult we have a Torker U-3 in a 44cm frame. It's a 3 speed internal geared bike with a racier geometry and drop bars. Originally $500 reduced to $325. And we've knocked down the price of our last SE Wildman 20" bmx bike. Yours for $284.26 including tax for this popular kid's bike. As for accessories, all of our Racktime bags and panniers are 30% off. German company Racktime makes practical gear for commuters like the Side One Urban and Work It Wide that look good on the bike right into the office. A selection of Basil bags and panniers are also 30% off. Dutch company Basil is a shop favorite because of their bright and fun colors and patterns on items like their Basonyl Double Bag or Jada Mirte Shopper. Quantities are limited and prices quoted do not include sales tax unless otherwise noted. Stop in and test ride a bike Tuesdays through Saturdays.

We've just added some more bikes to our February sale! All Brompton folding bikes are reduced 10% off MSRP and all Pashley bicycles are reduced 15% off MSRP. The sale is good only on bicycles currently in stock.


Hanford Cycles Custom Bicycles and Limited Edition Jerseys January 17 2017

cycling jersey

Our good friend Pat surprised us all this weekend (but mostly Simon who was away the day they arrived) with these beautiful Hanford Cycles embroidered wool jerseys. He had them made specially for Simon's custom bicycle customers but you needn't necessarily be one (although we'd love if you were) to own one of these beautiful sweaters. Once the pre-orders have been doled out we will have a few left for sale. Let us know if you're interested.

Below are some photos of Simon's most recent bikes. In addition to the frame and forks  he also creates custom racks and stems.

Hanford Cycles custom bicycle

Hanford Cycles custom bicycle

Hanford Cycles custom bicycle

Simon Firth has been building frames in Philadelphia for over twenty years, beginning under the tutelage of Stephen Bilenky of Bilenky Cycle Works in north Philadelphia. He stayed on as a frame-builder for thirteen more years. In 2010 he decided it was time to go out on his own under the name Hanford Cycles. Named after his home town, a suburb of Stoke-On-Trent in the middle of England, Simon's designs owe a lot to classic English touring and randonneuring bikes made from the 1930s to 1950s in nearby Nottinghamshire. He's also influenced by what the French were making during this time as well. He doesn't limit himself to only this style of bike so has fabricated single speed, cross, mixte, and Dutch style step-though frames. One thing that is consistent with all his bikes is they're made from steel tubing. You'll not get an aluminum (or is that aluminium?), titanium, or carbon fiber frame from him. Simon has made 18 frames as Hanford Cycles and before he starts number 19 he'll be focusing on our in-shop small wheel cargo bike (the one without an official name at the moment but referred to as the "20/20.")

Transport Cycles cargo bike

If you're interested in having Simon build you a custom bicycle email him at or stop in and have a chat.


New Items In Stock: Stan's No Tubes and Frog Bikes January 10 2017

tubeless tire products

Philadelphia, you asked for it, we got it. For all you winter warriors with tubeless tires you'll need to stay pumped up. We just got in some essentials from Stan's NoTubes that will keep you rolling right through the cold and into the warmer seasons: sealant, sealant injector, rim tape in various sizes, and valve stems for mountain bikes or road bikes. And if what we have isn't quite the right thing we can always order it for you.

kid's hybrid bike

A couple of months ago we told you about some new kids bikes we'd be stocking: Frog Bikes. A handful have just hopped (groan) into the shop. If your child is ready for a real bike, one with gears and hand brakes, one that'll keep up with the grown ups (but more likely surpass) then this is the bike. Their Hybrids are available in various frame sizes: 52cm for a kid 5-6 years, 55cm for 6-7 year olds, 62cm for 8-10 year old kids, 69cm for children age 10-12 years, and 73cm for a 12-14 year old child. All bikes come standard with fenders and two sets of tires, smooth or knobby. You don't get all that with an adult bike! And they come in a wide range of color options if frog green ain't your thing. They also make child size road bikes and balance bikes for toddlers with pneumatic tires rather than solid plastic tires that you find on many balance bikes.


Out Like a Lion January 07 2017

An extra day of R&R is good for the body and soul so we'll be closed on Sundays through January and February this winter.


Our Little Cargo Bike Made In Philadelphia January 06 2017

transport cycle cargo bike

Towards the end of 2016 we were awarded a grant from The Merchants Fund to manufacture cargo bikes. The Merchants Fund has been helping small Philadelphia businesses sustain and grow by issuing a select number of grants twice a year. We applied for funding to cover the cost of materials for seven complete cargo bikes. The 20/20 is what were calling the bike right now but that could change. It's adapted from a bike David designed and made some years ago. Simon of Hanford Cycles will cut, miter, and weld the frames and our mechanics will finish up with components.

transport cycle cargo bike

transport cycle cargo bike

It's a compact, short wheel based bike with 20 inch wheels and cargo capacity in the front and rear. The smaller wheels bring the carrying load down low making it easy to handle. Various containers or platforms can be attached; whatever is needed to hold your stuff. It's a great bike for a business or anyone who doesn't want to use a car all the time. You may have seen our prototype out and about this Fall. We had some of our friends, like the cargo bike courier company Sparrow Cycling, try it out and give us feedback. Check out their Instagram for more photos and great reviews. Now that we have all the materials and parts, we can start cutting the tubes; expect to see some finished this Spring. If you think this is something you could use for yourself or your business, call, email, or stop by the shop and take it for a test ride.

transport cycle cargo bike

Photos: Carlyssa Redman


Getting Ready for the Countdown December 29 2016



There's still time to pick up a new bike or much need accessory before the end of the year. We have a good stock of SE bmx bikes like Big Ripper, STR Quadangle 29, or OM Duro (more 2017 silver So Cal Flyers expected early January!)  If you've been dreaming of a cargo bike we have the new Benno Bikes Carry On and it's e-cousin, Boost. We have new stock of waterproof bags from Ortlieb and Carradice. And we always have a wide range of Brooks saddles, bar tape, and grips. Plus loads of other cargo bikes, family bikes, folding bikes, city bikes, kids bikes, and accessories.

We hope you all have a crazy fun (or pleasantly quiet) and safe New Year's celebration. We will be closing at 2pm on 12/31 and closed on New Year's Day. See you on the other side!


Happy Holiday Hours December 20 2016

Firth & Wilson Transport Cycles

We want to wish you all a warm and peaceful holiday.

Here are our holiday hours:

December 24 10am to 2 pm, December 25 closed, December 31 10am to 2pm & January 1 closed.


'Tis The Season: Bicycle Gift Ideas (Part II) December 15 2016

bicycle accessories

Little bicycle accessories go a long way and are a big hit with cycling family members and friends. Lighting up the bike is particularly important when the days are short and the nights are long. Portland Design Works makes the Fenderbot that mounts to a rear fender and stays put, Knog Frog lights attach and detach easily to the handlebar and seat post and come in fun colors to mix or match, and CatEye's Omni 3 (front, rear, or both) is a big bright light with various flash modes at an affordable price. It's also nice to be heard once in a while and a bell does the trick. Dutch company Yepp's big ding-dong bell is super loud and the black and white tadpole (?) graphic is an eye catcher. Less obtrusive but still fun are Nutcase bells that come in an assortment of bright designs. For the more classic rider, a brass bell whether shiny or matte looks and sounds elegant. Riding in a dress or suit can be a worry for for some folks but the Tandem NY Skirt Weight will keep dresses and skirts from flying up or an ankle strap made locally by Kaori Ikeuchi of colorful Japanese cotton will keep trousers out of a greasy chain. Pick up a bottle cage or two, not just in boring black or silver but in a seasonally appropriate hue. For the home or roadside mechanic a pair or tire levers come in handy for flat fixes. Quik Stik Elite tire levers are shop favorites. How about a place to stash those levers and a patch kit. Green Guru's Clincher Mini Frame Bag is made of recycled materials and will do the job. Kids like fun stuff on their bikes and nothing screams fun like a couple of Trik Topz Smiley Face valve caps. Lastly, maybe your cyclist giftee has it all. A set of three magnets adorned with Brooklyn based artist Taliah Lempert's work are delightful and practical. Come to the shop and check out the goods pictured plus lots more.


'Tis The Season: Bicycle Gift Ideas (Part I) December 03 2016

Taliah Lempert prints

We have lots of bikes that would make great gifts: for your wheelie well behaved teenager how about a greatly sought after SE Big Ripper, or for your city hopping commuter a Brompton folding bike would be perfect, or perhaps the whole family deserves one big Babboe Curve cargo tricycle. But if a new bike isn't in your budget, we have on a smaller scale (and easier on the wallet) these lovely bicycle prints by Brooklyn artist Taliah Lempert. Tahliah is renowned for her bicycle portrait paintings. We have a numerous assortment of her colorful prints that would look good on any wall in your house. They come numbered and matted with prices starting at $25. We also have some magnet sets, temporary tattoos, and note cards that she's adorned. Prices start at $5.00. Come to the shop to see what we have.


Carradice Canvas Bicycle Saddlebags Restocked December 01 2016

bicycle saddle bags

We've finally gotten in some of the more popular Carradice bags and rain capes (just in time for you know what?!) Handmade in a small factory in Lancashire, England, Carradice bags haven't changed much since the 1930s when they were born. As the saying goes, don't fix what isn't broken. And if one does "break" (like a strap or a snap) you can send it back to the factory for repair. In addition to best sellers like the Nelson Long Flap and Barley, we've brought in the more minimal Junior and it's slightly larger cousin Cadet. Stay dry in the Philly winter drizzle with their traditional wax canvas rain cape in standard size or super. Looks nice tucked into their classic cape roll. Want a small bag with a bit more panache? We have one zip roll with Harris Tweed left in stock. All are waterproof.


Shop Small Saturday November 26th November 22 2016

While we'll be closed for Thanksgiving and Black Friday, you can count on us being open for Small Business Saturday. We're a small business after all and have items from small to large that are all great for gifting (to others or yourself) this holiday season and beyond. You'll find a lot of what we stock on our website but we have tons more. Come to the shop to see for yourself. And if you make a purchase that day, take your receipt to the Fishtown Community Library, 1217 E. Montgomery St, between 10am - 4pm for a sweet treat.


Shop Closed Thursday and Friday, November 24 & 25 November 19 2016

a turkey goes for a walk in town


Hit the Trail with Ortlieb Bike Packing Gear November 18 2016

Bike Packing Gear

We've restocked some of our favorite Ortlieb bicycle bags like the Front Roller, Back Roller, and Ultimate 6, plus added a few new items like these three bike packing bags. The Handlebar Pack is great for stashing a sleeping bag and clothing. It works with many styles of handlebars, allows for even weight distribution, and has an elastic net to hold extra stuff. The Accessory Pack can be attached to the Handlebar Pack, used alone attached to your handlebar, or worn as a hip pack . This multi-functional bag is great for the little things that you need to get to quickly. Add a Seat Pack to your seat post for everything else. Packing volume varies between 8 and 16.5 liters so you can carry a little or a lot. And of course everything will stay dry in any of these bags because of Ortlieb's "exclusive welded construction and innovative compression system". Stop in the shop to see how they work and check out some more new items.




Warm Wooly Cycling Caps Just in Time for Winter November 12 2016

We now have in stock a limited number of these fantastic all-wool Chuey Brand cycling caps  with ear flaps. Each one is different and most fit medium/large heads, a couple for smaller heads. Call us for details on colors and sizes. Stay warm and stay content knowing that these are made in the USA (San Francisco) by former Philadelphia resident, Chuey!

We also have wool balaclavas and headbands from Smartwool. Both come in black and both are one size fits most.

And for the kiddos, we still have a handful of Rebourne balaclavas left. They're made right here in Philadelphia from upcycled wool sweaters. Call the shop for details on colors and sizes available.