Philadelphia bike shop specializing in city bikes, cargo bikes, and accessories to help you carry whatever you need by bicycle.

Shop Exterior
Firth & Wilson Transport Cycles is a full-service bicycle shop and retail showroom specializing in transportation, folding, and cargo bicycles. 

The shop caters exclusively to the urban cyclist with a full range of bike accessories from Brooks, Carradice, Ortlieb, Racktime, Green Guru, Basil, Yepp, Nutcase, Abus, and many other brands. We stock bicycles from Linus, Pashley, Brompton, Breezer, Torker, Pure Fix, Pure City, Simcoe, SE, Babboe, Gazelle, Xtracycle, Yuba, and Larry Vs. Harry.

The option of a custom fabricated bicycle is also on offer, designed by the shop's owners under the labels David Wilson Industries (DWI) custom cargo bikes and Hanford Cycles custom frames.


1105 Frankford Avenue  Philadelphia PA 19125  (215) 425-4672

TUES THU FRI 10-6  WED 12-8 SAT 10-5 SUN 12-4


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